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A new kind of input for a new kind of display

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With the Myo armband and smartglasses, workers on-the-go can interact with technology in the face of occupied hands and noisy work environments.

A complete computing solution for mobile workers

Thalmic Labs is proud to introduce Myo + Smartglasses, the complete solution for your mobile workforce to stay connected on the job. The Myo armband eliminates the need for remote controls, touch pads, buttons, and voice control for workers in sterile or noisy work environments.

The Myo armband is a touch-free, voice-free input to Smartglasses like Google Glass, Recon Jet, and Epson Moverio. Using the Myo armband, workers on-the-go can unlock the power of computing in ways that were never possible before. Bring your workplace to new heights by working with Thalmic Labs today.

Myo armband
Google Glass
Thalmic Labs is working with leading partners to deploy wearable computing solutions across field service, healthcare, construction, and active outdoor work.

Hands free, heads up

Myo + Smartglasses equips deskless workers with the computing and communication power they never had, all with the flick of a wrist. By integrating the Myo armband, workers can stay focused on the task at hand while reliably interacting with smartglasses through simple and natural gestures.

Enterprise ready

Wearable computing just got real. Move from fantasy to reality with purpose-built solutions from Thalmic Labs. Since the Myo armband is compatible across leading smartglasses, you have the flexibility to pick-and-choose the technology that best suits your work environment.

Integrated solutions

Discover the productivity gains you’ve dreamed of by bringing together the world-leaders in wearable computing. Thalmic Labs works with hardware, software, and service partners to design and develop Myo + Smartglasses for your business

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“Enterprise applications for smartglasses can help increase asset efficiency, reduce the number of service calls, and improve decision-making through real-time data”
- Andrew Vaz, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Thalmic Perspectives

Unboxing The Potential For Smartglasses

Aug 19, 2014

We’re clearly big fans of wearable tech of all shapes, sizes, and uses. However, smartglasses have - literally - caught our eye as they offer exciting possibilities to deliver contextual information when deskless workers need it most. We’re fortunate enough to experiment with these cutting-edge technologies in-house everyday. So to give you another peek inside Thalmic Labs, we’re sharing our early impressions for the leading smartglasses available today: Google Glass, Epson Moverio, and Recon Jet.

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A Myo Armband Compatibility Chart For Smartglasses

Aug 19, 2014

Each smartglasses technology offers something unique for developers, businesses, and users alike. And we know it’s no small task to choose which one to build for! To make that task a little bit easier, we’ve laid out Google Glass, Epson Moverio, and Recon Jet in a handy comparison chart. You’ll get a quick summary of key product specs, input methods, and Myo armband compatibility.

Compatibility chart