A new, hands-on way to teach programming concepts

With the Myo armband, your students can write code, experiment with EMG and IMU signal processing, and explore the future of human-computer interaction.

Myo Armband

Try out the Myo armband before purchasing a Myo Education Kit. Learn more about the Myo armband.

Myo Education Kit

12 Pack

Get a pack of 12 Myo armbands in a beautiful Pelican carrying case, plus much more. See what's inside.

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Myo Education Kit

24 Pack

Get 24 Myo armbands in two beautiful Pelican carrying cases, plus much more. See what's inside.

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The Perfect Addition to an Educator's Curriculum

The Myo armband is a revolutionary wearable that is changing the way people interact with technology. Check out projects from our developer community on our YouTube playlist.

Write the codes

Myo SDKs

Interactively teach programming in common languages with official SDKs for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, plus access to the direct Bluetooth® protocol.

This triangle is moving fast

Wide Applications

Inspire your students to add gesture control to their multi-disciplinary projects including natural interface design, game development, robotics control, and Arduino or Raspberry Pi development.

Magnify your signals

EMG and IMU Data

The Myo armband's high-fidelity sensors provide your students with access to raw electromyography (EMG) and motion (IMU) data: a low-cost tool for signal processing and machine intelligence curriculum.

About the Myo Armband

Dat MyoDat Myo
  • 1 nine-axis IMU containing three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetometer
  • ARM Cortex M4 Processor
  • Motion data: 50 Hz streaming rate
  • Dual Indicator LEDs
  • Micro-USB charging
  • 8 medical grade stainless steel EMG (electromyography) sensors
  • EMG data: 200 Hz streaming rate

Included in the Myo Education Kit

  • Myo
    Black Myo Armbands
  • Myo sizing clips
    Packages of Myo Sizing Clips
  • Start?
    Software for Windows and Mac at myo.com/start
  • USB cable
    Standard Micro-USB Cables
  • USB hub
    USB Charging Hub
  • SDK Box
    Myo SDKs and raw EMG and IMU data at developer.myo.com/start
  • Bluetooth® adapter
    USB Bluetooth® Adapters for Mac and Windows
  • Such code
    Free Sample Code and Lesson Plans
  • Myo Market
    Over 100 Myo applications at market.myo.com

Download Sample Lesson Plans

Sample lesson plans
Getting Started with Myo
Setting Up for Scripts