Gesture Control Armband

On stage with Armin Van Buuren

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An armband that gives you superpowers

The Myo armband gives you the power to control technology with your hands, touch-free. Make a fist to turn down the volume on iTunes or wave your arms to control stage effects in front of 10,000 people like Armin Van Buuren.

"I always love to involve new ideas into my show. Crowd interaction is absolutely key to me and the Myo helps me with this. It can create a unique experience for the clubber and it feels like I'm even closer to them."

-Armin Van Buuren

Developers are integrating Myo with your favorite DJ tools

Perfect for DJs, the Myo armband can let you manipulate songs and stage effects with the muscles in your forearm. As a MIDI controller, you'll be able to grab, twist, turn, and squeeze to adjust pitch, tone, tempo, and volume.

Haute Technique has written a custom integration to give Armin Van Buuren live control over his lights and stage effects.

Our first Myo users are pioneering the future of music

From basement hackers to industry leaders, music developers across the globe are building applications for the Myo armband. Check out theirs or create your own.

Take control with your own Myo armband today!